Another take on Testimony Evangelicalism

I’ve joined another writing collective, The Antioch Session, moderated by internet friends Zach Hoag and Scott Emery. This week, they published a revised version of my earlier “Testimony Evangelicalism” piece. The original is here and the AC version is here.

I’m pleased to be part of this group and was thrilled that we earned a mention on today’s “Sunday Superlatives” from Rachel Held Evans (along with some other really great stuff, check it out here)!

Yesterday was commencement Saturday at Spring Arbor. As a quasi-administrator, I was asked to be at both ceremonies. The morning speaker for the traditional students was all about culture wars and an antagonistic culture. The afternoon speaker for the non-traditional students shared his personal story of  following God’s leading into new and surprising places that impacted Washington, D.C. It was one of the sharpest contrasts of my “two evangelicalisms” thesis I could hope to find.


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